Bouquets. With how-to tutorials.


Ein inspirierendes Buch über die Kraft der Blumen.

> Von Laura Dowling, Autorin des Buches Floral Diplomacy at the White House
> Tipps und Tricks für fantastische Sträuße mit Blumen (der Saison)
> Ein Buch aus der Reihe “How-to” des Autors

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Laura Dowling’s Bouquets is the second title in the inspiring ‘how-to’ series and builds on the premise of her successful first book Floral Diplomacy at the White House (2016): the notion that flowers have the potential to change the way people think and feel, creating powerful emotional connections – to nature, to others, to our past and to our dreams.

Her collection of bouquets focuses on the positive emotions that bouquets – the most personal and evocative form of floristry – can express. Organized by types of emotions and feelings (e.g, tranquility, charm, nostalgia, romance, drama, sophisticated chic, celebrations and dreams), each chapter presents an array of bouquets and the special stories that inspired them. These bouquets highlight a whole range of styles, techniques and (seasonal) flowers for all settings and occasions. As always, Laura provides expert insight and detailed guidelines to replicate her fabulous bouquets at home.

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