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Everlastings – How to grow, harvest and create with dried flowers?

Dried flowers have been popular for centuries and have recently experienced a resurgence amongst florists, brides and crafters, who are seeking a more sustainable and long lasting alternative. Floral artist Bex Partridge has been working with dried flowers for many years, and in her first book Everlastings, she brings a fresh take on this traditional craft in a way that celebrates the entire life cycle of flowers.

Bex takes you on a journey, beginning with practical advice on how to incorporate dried flowers in your garden, when to pick your flowers, as well as explaining the various methods of drying your blooms, seed heads and foliage. She shares her favourite ways to style dried flowers in the home as well as creating wearable items such as floral crowns and hair combs.

With over 20 projects to try out that are suitable for all skill levels, Bex shares modern ways to capture the memories and moments of special days, to be treasured for years to come. From contemporary wreaths to pressed flower frames, table decorations to hanging bouquets and wedding accessories, there are numerous ways to get creative. Bex is passionate about sustainability and the natural world. In the book, she shares her knowledge of the ecological benefits of working with dried flowers as well as providing inspiration on foraging and making the most of one’s natural surroundings. Filled with stunning imagery that Bex has become known for online, Everlastings will provide inspiration for all seasons.

About the Author

Bex Partridge is the founder of Botanical Tales and a nature-loving creative who works with dried flowers throughout her practice. Bex has always loved the seasons and the benefits that nature has
on our wellbeing, both of which are at the heart of her creations. Alongside making her own dried flower art, Bex creates sustainable everlasting displays and installations, runs creative workshops as well as sharing advice and inspiration on her blog and social media channels.


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Bex Partridge




How to grow, harvest and create with dried flowers




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