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Wenn Sie die Fleuramour 2014 auf ein Neues erleben möchten oder das Event verpasst haben und die prachtvoll fotografierten Projekte bewundern und die kreative Atmosphäre atmen wollen, begleitet die Fleuramour 2014 Sie durch das gesamte Schloss und über die gesamte Domäne und zeigt Ihnen alle herrlichen Werke der Blumendesigner bis ins letzte Detail.

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“If flowers could speak, they would be silent”, was once said by a Dutch author and poet. I am overcome by that very same feeling each time that Fleuramour honours the Commandery of Alden Biesen with a visit. Countless florists and designers dress up the courtyard, the castle and the church in a perfect floral gown. Dazzling. Breath taking. Obviously a transient beauty, which we can only eternalise on paper. This book aims to allow the nineteenth edition’s creations to endure, and to share the passion of the multitude of florists. A tribute to the flower and its many admirers. Fleuramour thanks its tremendous success to its partners, volunteers and visitors. Therefore, a short word of praise is not out of place here.

A floral event comes into its own in an appropriate setting. Without the atmosphere of the Commandery of Alden Biesen, its management and staff, as well as the city of Bilzen and its Mayor, Fleuramour would not be the event that we know today. It is our pleasure to have them keep up this tradition. Together, we put the floral community of Bilzen on the map. Throughout the previous nineteen editions, the participating florists and designers have set the bar increasingly higher. Each time, they have delivered the most creative pieces and spectacular installations, involving several days of preparation, always telling an engaging story with many hundreds of thousands of flowers in the lead. My deepest appreciation is for all of the florists, designers, growers, and suppliers without whom it would be impossible to offer the visitors this floral event. And what would we be without our many visitors. Every year again I am startled by the sheer diversity of international guests. Enthusiasts from all around the world find their way to Bilzen. They join forces with the many international florists and designers, and succeed, time-and-time again, in placing Fleuramour on the world map.

We take this opportunity to invite you all to a very special twentieth edition in 2015. Sit down and lean back with this book, and enjoy the silence of flowers. Lieven Hemschoote Organiser Fleuramour

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