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Godelieve Van den heuvel-Janssens’ 80th birthday is the festive event marking the release of Ikebana Ohara. A Song of Flowers, an impressive body of works in a large variety of styles. A Song of Flowers consists of two parts. The first part of this book acts as an introductory course to the different levels in Ohara, the second part of the books is a collection of Van den heuvel-Janssens’ most cherished works and highlights of her career. An absolute must have for the Ikebana lover and an inspirational treasure trove for every Ohara student, teacher or admirer.
To deepen her knowledge of the art Godelieve Van den heuvel-Janssens undertook many study trips to Japan, where she took several master classes. She is vice president and founding member of the Ohara Chapter Belgium and Ikebana International Belgium. She organized and participated in a number of expositions both national and international and frequently gives workshops in Japan, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Godelieve has been an Ikebana teacher since 1979 (Sesshu) and became Ohara master in 1990

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Godelieve Van den Heuvel – Janssens




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Peter Staes


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A song of flowers


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